Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between a public and private rollup?

When your rollup is set as public it's discoverable in the Conduit app. This means that it's published on pages such as Browse rollups (opens in a new tab) and RPC keys (opens in a new tab), which anyone with a Conduit account outside of your organization can access. Also, a public URL (opens in a new tab) is generated for your rollup where its network information and tooling can be found.

All rollups are set as private by default. Private rollups are not discoverable or visible anywhere in the Conduit app except to your own organization. However, it still remains a live, publicly viewable blockchain.

What's a verified rollup?

Since rollup deployment is permissionless and their names, icons, or IDs aren't always unique, we've introduced a small feature in the UI which we call verification. All that means is that we have manually verified the rollup and its owner are authentic. Anyone can request us to verify their rollup by submitting a request (opens in a new tab). We typically only verify popular chains in an effort to protect people from malicious rollups imitating legitimate rollups (we've yet to see this happen but verification is there as a precaution).