Supported Stacks
OP Stack

OP Stack

Conduit allows you to launch a rollup in a fraction of the time with the OP Stack.

OP Stack is the premiere open-source rollup implementation. In their Bedrock Explainer (opens in a new tab) (the latest version of OP Stack) Optimism outlines the benefits of their modular stack. You get:

  • 10-100x cheaper fees than Ethereum Mainnet
  • Interoperability with Mainnet through trustless bridging
  • Ethereum Equivalence, so you can use the same workflows and tooling
  • Improved node performance, so you can get thousands of transactions per second

Below is a great primer on how the OP Stack works to bring you more performance while maintaining security. (opens in a new tab)


How do I withdraw/bridge tokens?

Please see our guide of using the Conduit SDK alongside the Optimism SDK here (opens in a new tab).