Supported Stacks
Arbitrum Nitro

Arbitrum Nitro

Conduit allows you to launch a rollup in a fraction of the time with Arbitrum Nitro (often referred to as Arbitrum Orbit when referencing rollups).

Arbitrum Nitro is the one of the premiere rollup implementations on Ethereum. Their technology boasts the usual benefits of rollups, like dedicated compute for your application, in addition to:

  • 10-100x cheaper fees than Ethereum Mainnet (go even cheaper with data availability committee support (opens in a new tab))
  • Interoperability with Mainnet through trustless bridging and fraud proofs
  • Close Ethereum Compatibility, so you can use the same workflows and tooling
  • Stylus (opens in a new tab), which will allow you to write smart contracts in a more performant VM with Rust, C++, or other languages that can compile to WASM. These contracts can interoperate synchronously with the EVM.


How do I withdraw/bridge tokens?

Please see our guide and use of the arbitrum sdk here (opens in a new tab).

Does Arbitrum on Conduit support Stylus?

Yes! Please see the excellent arbitrum stylus docs here (opens in a new tab).

How do I deploy Stylus Contracts to by Arbitrum Orbit stack?

Follow arbitrum’s hello world guide here (opens in a new tab). You’ll then be able to deploy to your stack with:

cargo stylus deploy --endpoint=https://nitrorpc-[your_conduit_stack_name-here] --private-key=[your_private_key_here]