RPC Keys
Pricing & Costs

RPC Keys – Pricing & Costs

All Conduit organisations are on the Free Plan by default. You can upgrade to our Pro Plan in a few clicks or contact sales for our Enterprise Plan.


Rollup customers who have deployed a mainnet get the RPC Key Pro Plan for free.


Free Plan

  • 400M Compute Units/month
  • 1 key

Pro Plan

  • Included free with mainnet deployments
  • Otherwise $50/month
  • 1B Compute Units/month
    • Additional usage costs $0.10/1M CUs
  • 10 keys
  • Basic support

Enterprise Plan

  • Custom pricing
  • Custom base Compute Unit limit
    • Additional usage costs $0.10/1M CUs
  • Unlimited keys
  • Priority support


Paid plans autoscale at $0.10/1M CUs once the base CU limit has been reached. e.g. When on the Pro Plan, once your org has consumed the 1B CU base limit included in your plan, every additional 1M CUs will cost $0.10. You can add a spend limit in settings, which allows you to control the maximum amount that can be spent each month.

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