RPC Keys

RPC Keys – Overview

We've made it really easy for developers to build on top of Conduit chains by enabling access to incredibly high-performance RPCs without the need to run your own node. Find out how to get started. (opens in a new tab)

Why use Conduit as a node provider

Stay up and running. Guaranteed uptime with redundancy across servers, data centers, and networks.

Autoscale with volume. Our Hypernode RPCs deliver performance that automatically scales with your transaction volume.

Stay secure. Our battle-tested infrastructure is secured using best security practices.

Track usage. Stay on top of your compute usage via your dashboard in the Conduit app.

Ease of use. Access multiple networks with a single RPC key.

Focus on users. We handle infrastructure so that you can focus on building great products for your users.


Can I use Conduit RPCs without a key? Yes, you can send requests to the public endpoints of chains deployed on Conduit. This is rate limited however. For the best experience, we recommend signing up on our app and creating a key. You'll be able to use 400M CUs per month for free without a rate limit.

Are CUs per account, org, or key? Compute Units are consumed at the Conduit org level. You can use your base limit (e.g. 400M CUs from the Free Plan) to access multiple networks via multiple keys under the same Conduit org.

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