Bridge UI

Bridge UI

Launch a Bridge UI powered by

Conduit rollups, starting with OP Stack testnets, can now launch their own bridge UI from our app in the deployment console.

Along with secure bridging to your Conduit rollup, your bridge UI, hosted at (opens in a new tab), comes with optional “Force withdraw” and “Easy mode” settings.


  1. Log in to Conduit (opens in a new tab)
  2. Head to the Deployments (opens in a new tab) page
  3. Select the rollup you wish to launch a bridge UI for
  4. Click “Go to bridge” in the side panel
  5. Approve the launch on
  6. Start depositing assets to your rollup

If you would like to launch a bridge UI for your mainnet deployment, please get in touch with us ( or the Fugu Works (opens in a new tab) team directly

Other resources

Note that Conduit does not endorse the functionality or security of any of these bridge implementations. They are provided as a resource, and users should do their own research.

Open source OP Stack Bridge UIs